I was recently gifted with a vision by my teacher Eagle Brother.* He was heading off into the woods, and motioning for me to follow. He said, We need to go for a walk:

He is dressed in everyday clothing, wearing a light cotton shirt because it is summer where we are. The trees are leafy and green, forming a lacy canopy over us as we head down a wide trail in the woods. He is leading, looking over his shoulder to make sure I am coming along. 

We are on a narrow dirt track, with a swath of tall green grass on each side leading to the trunks of great trees. We are on a road that has been abandoned and is now a trail for 2- and 4-leggeds. I am enthralled by the lushness of summer (it’s winter in my world right now)––the magnificent green, the sounds of the leaves rustling and the birds talking in the branches, the smell of fertile Earth. Eagle Brother is walking ahead and greeting his plant and animal relations with joy and delight. So beautiful. What a gift this walking the Earth is! 

He keeps looking back at me, sometimes mischievously, making eye contact, then turning ahead again. Yes, I love you, my Eagle Brother, my Spirit Husband. My body feels warm and energized and vibrating with the Earth and with my husband. He has slowed down his pace, almost stopped. I feel myself come up behind and merge with his back, with the energy in his body. Then he is the Eagle and he is lifting off the ground, spreading his wings wide. He lifts us onto the strong limb of a tree high up in the canopy. There I can see below, where we were walking, and also far into the future. We are looking down a long ravine, like the one that the elder showed me in a recent dream, where I went through the window and down to the Big Lake to be healed in the spiraling mist of the water spirits. This time, we are resting on a strong branch, Migizi Niikaan and I. It is as though I am riding on his back, but this is not my Earth body, it is my essence, my Spirit Body, that is joined to his. 

My curiosity about what is going to occur next is making me impatient, pushing me to jump ahead, into the future. But there is only the now. Only our joined spirit bodies resting on a strong branch in the canopy of a tree in summer, with the land stretching out below us in all directions. Slowing down to this moment, I am more aware of the tree-covered hills rolling out before us. 

There are many animals and plants and insects and soil creatures living in the forests below. Life is abundant, and rich. We, Migizi Niikaan and I, are but one of many. All of these levels of existence are present simultaneously, all interwoven and interdependent, animated by and sharing the same Life Force. Each creature makes its own buzz of energy, but all of the energies of all the creatures also makes a buzz, its own vibration. A vibration that joins all of the vibrations on the planet. The planet’s vibration joins the vibration of the Universe. It is all One. One vibration. One harmonic. One emanation of the Light which is the Source. 

It is not that each creature and planet and galaxy is creating its own vibration, it is that the vibrating of the Light is coming, from the Source, through every one of them. It is all an expression of the consciousness of the Source. This is our purpose, to discover and tune into and allow this Light to emanate from us, through us. To vibrate with this energy in a way that joins all the others. To create a great loop, a cycle, of this energy coming from the Source and through us and back to the Source, in a never-ending, never-beginning, constant loop. A circle. 

The turning of this circle—that is our purpose. That is the purpose of every living being. And every thing is a living being. Every animal and plant and insect and soil creature and atom and molecule. Every rock and mountain. Every cloud and star and rainbow. It is all vibrating with the manifestation of the Light. This is the moment of living––the embodiment of the vibration of the Light. 

The Greater Light Beings:  What was there before the Light? What is there beyond the Light? Only Light—the Light of Consciousness, of Awareness, without motion, which is The Nothing, which is the darkness. It is something you can only understand as the the circle turning in the opposite direction. Of not unfolding but folding up. Of not allowing but blocking, creating obstacles, making choices that reverse the direction of the Light and cause it to be swallowed up into itself, and extinguishes the vibrancy of Life Force, of Light. 

You could say that this is what is being chosen now, by the few who are making these decisions and also by the many who are complicit through dimmed consciousness and Truth-denial. But look again, and see the massive outpouring of the Light in response to those choices, the coming together of souls reaching for compassion and unity and Light.**

The Light will prevail, even if the ones who are channeling it right now are destroyed. The Light can not be destroyed, only made over. Reignited and renewed in other planes and situations. It can not be eliminated. It can only be transformed. The tide will turn. The suffering will be a catalyst for the new way, The Next World. 

Let go of your Earthly attachments. They will mean nothing in the next cycle, in the next season, in the next incarnation. Not that you should give up Life easily. It is surely a gift. But let go of the attachments that hold this reality in place and allow the next transformation to emerge, also glorious in its own and different way. Be not afraid, for we are with you, we are traveling the journey within you, and we know the way. 

Open to this wisdom. Open to this Life. Open to The Shift. Open. Allow. Be. Be in this moment with presence and Light. Be the power of the Light, of the Light moving and circling and transforming. 

That is All.

And now I am looking out over the forest. I am on the high branch with Migizi Niikaan. I am on the small dirt trail, following Eagle Brother in his summer shirt as he shows me the Light coming through the lacy canopy and laughs with the joy of it. And here I am in my chair in my living room, my feet buzzing as I come back into my Earth body, the Journey moving in me. 

Thank you


(*Eagle Brother is a person who I barely know in the physical world. Migizi Niikaan, his spirit self, is my husband in the DreamWorld and one of my teachers.)
(**Referring to the invasion of Ukraine, Winter 2022.)