Using meditative energy practices, I have developed a way of being that allows me to access information from expanded energy dimensions. This is called channeling. When I clear my mind and ask a question without bias, information surfaces. If I choose to accept the information, no matter how far-fetched or incomprehensible it may seem, I am allowed to continue. I can ask more unbiased questions and receive more information. When I express doubt or attempt to answer from my own ego’s agenda, the conversation fades or ends. The information presented is often well beyond my own level of development. It is coming from somewhere beyond my normal consciousness. It is coming from beyond the veil.

I have been channeling for almost 20 years. Initially, I used this access to support my personal life. I was able to heal deep trauma and navigate many crises with the wealth of objective guidance that channeling provided. In the fall of 2005, I was approached by a spirit being and asked to write a book. Although I experienced some fear and did not understand what the book would be about, I agreed. I committed faithfully to the task and a writing project began that has extended into a series of books. These books are collections of interviews with spiritual Teachers. The Teachers’ intention is to assist us in our evolution into the next level of spiritual development.

For most of my adult life I have worked as a Community Health Nurse, which is something like being a social worker with a health focus. In 2013, I was simultaneously diagnosed with two different breast cancers. The side effects of numerous surgeries and treatments pulled me out of my nursing career and eased me into a new line of work as a writer and teacher.

I am dedicated to both sharing The Teachers’ information, and to helping others develop the skills needed to access it themselves. I look forward to meeting you through this website and in person, deepening our connection as spiritual explorers. Together, we are assisting in the awakening of humanity.