I’ve been having a bit of a rocky time in one of my relationships. We go over the content of the difficulty and then come to a place of agreement, only to have the same dynamic resurface again.

Universal Wisdom:  This is a difficulty underlying all human relationships, whether they are casual or intimate. Relationships require a certain level of communication. Not everyone has the appropriate skills for the situation. When there is a mismatch, there is a disturbance in the vibration of the communication. People react to this disturbance in different ways. Most of these reactions come from the ego, which is trying to protect the person from harm. The harm may be real or perceived but the ego does not distinguish between the two. That is why past experience is so powerful––the ego is unable to distinguish between different time frames. It all appears as a threat. 

As we have said before: you don’t solve an ego problem using ego energy. You solve an ego problem using spiritual energy. In this case, you have come to a place where you no longer want to function in that ego space. You are asking your friend to detach from ego and consider spiritual energy. And that is exactly how you frame the problem and the solution: You address the spiritual foundation of your relationship and ask what can happen here to return to that. As you know, it’s not about creating some blissed out Eden where there are no problems. That does not even exist. It means getting away from the limits of the ego and seeing the larger context. What’s really important?

I think of harmony. Harmony is not a static state, it is complimentary and inclusive vibration. 

That is one way to think of it. Another way would be to bring your own energy into spiritual alignment and then ask your friend to join that. It’s not all talk. It’s feeling. That’s what vibrations are––feelings. Not feelings like ego reaction feelings, but feelings as in sensations. Energetic presence. 

If they do not want to function in that way, then you have another problem. But they probably would prefer to function that way. They may need a reminder. The reminder is not a verbal nagging. It is an energy practice. An energy presence. 

If you want a more spiritually vibrant life, then you need to actively create that. You have been doing that for yourself, but you have not been doing it together with the other person.

More time together.

More communing with the Universe. 

Ah. And there’s the vibration of peace and energy. Communing with the Universe. Lovely.