The channeled information from yesterday was interesting on many levels.

To begin with, this was the first time my own mother has spoken to me. Given our lack of emotional connection while she was alive, this conversation presented me with some challenges. Initially, I felt myself judging her. Judgment is an ego function, and it is difficult to channel while focused there. I had to work a little harder than usual to let go, to let things Be.

She presented as a young woman in her 20s, which I assume is how she prefers to be “seen”. She was always quite concerned about her appearance and actively denied her age. She was also a perpetually innocent and sunny personality, which shone through in this exchange–giving me more appreciation for that quality in her.

I was a little surprised when she said, “I’m new here.” She passed on 3 1/2 years ago. She is apparently a novice. The other Teachers were there and she relied on them for support. Maybe there is some kind of training process. Of course, frames of Time in other dimensions would not necessarily line up with ours, so this could be irrelevant.

I found it difficult to follow her at times. Maybe this is because she is a novice? Or because she had been both a person with dementia as well as a caregiver of one, and she was switching roles as she spoke? Regardless, that’s how it came through, so that’s how it’s written.

Much of the information travels the thread of attachment, as in ego attachment. People with dementia are detaching from their physical identity. It’s hard enough for them to understand who they are, let alone who everyone else is and how it all connects. We do best with them when we let go of our need to keep them confined in old structures. In order to let go, we also have to give up our identity of who we are, in relation to them. This is not easy, especially when we have developed lifetime roles and expectations.

Jeanie encouraged us to let go of specifics and put our energy into quality vibrations. She wants us to focus on fun, because the person with dementia can still relate to that feeling, regardless of who is producing it. Wouldn’t you rather be somewhere where people are laughing and having a good time? It’s uplifting!

Jeanie also encouraged us to use the opportunity to “see further into the Universe. Not to get stuck in the five sense world and try to control everything. But to let go and allow and see deeper.” That is the directive in almost all of the information from the Teachers. To let go and allow and see deeper. And then to use that experience to bring the resonance of harmony back into the world. No matter who we are with.