As an exercise, the Teachers once instructed me to walk gently through the woods with my arms outstretched and my hands opened upward. The exercise was meant to show me how it feels to be open to the gifts of the Universe. We tend to think of gifts as physical objects, as presents. But a true gift is about presence. It is a transfer of spiritual energy.

Only the open hand receives. I am not open to the wisdom of the Universe if I am grasping at things in the Physical World––ego identity, reactive bitterness or anger, power, control, material objects. To have my hands free to receive, I have to be able to let go of these things. I have to make room for something else.

Keeping my hands open means keeping the energy of my gifts moving. When I receive gifts, I can’t just hoard them. Because then my hands would be full again, wouldn’t they? If I am to receive, I have to empty my hands. I have to release the gifts. I have to share them.

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I have been given great gifts from the Teachers. I feel compelled to share these gifts, through my books and workshops and in my every day life, and I am energized by doing that. But I also need to make a living. I need to eat and pay for winter heat. Once my gifts become monetized, though, it seems that their energy is somehow degraded. How do I move my gifts and still make a living? How do I make a living without damaging the gifts?

Universal Wisdom: You are challenged to allow the presence of the gift to be a foundation for your work. You are limiting your idea of “work” to mean a paycheck. As if work has to be a toil to meet the guidelines for monetary reward. You are correct that money and economics are man-made constructs. But they are also constructs that help to define your ability to exist on the physical plane. You cannot banish these structures just because they seem to have negative connotations. As we have discussed many times, there are two sides to a coin. Financial wealth can just as easily be used for good as evil.

 Supporting art can be a positive side to economic gain. This would be a good way to think of your writing, as an art form to support. Do not get bogged down in the physical act of writing, the ego side of the gift. Try to think of the art form of what you are creating. Any art form is purposeful when it is engaging humans in the examination of their beliefs, when it is helping to expand the flow of energy into other dimensions. The books can do just this. You are a conduit for this kind of exchange. We are “using” you as a means for moving information and transforming minds. Part of your work, as a being in the physical world, is to aid the movement of this energy.

Money is also an energy form. You have seen the ways that it can be used for ego fulfillment. Try to see the energy form of money as something that flows through you, that can be used to support the gift and the continued expression of it, that can expand the movement of the information and its energy. This needs to happen. Seeing the money as something that comes to you and then stops there will impede its flow. You have to see the income as something that moves, that comes to you and keeps moving, that moves through you. 

It is just like the information. It has helped you to develop and grow. And it is also not just for you. It is intended for many. You have agreed to help move the information. The only way you can do this is if you also agree to move the money that comes to you through it. They are connected.

It all requires opening to the bigger space and allowing energy to move. Whether you are channeling information or money, it continues to be a gift when it continues to move. This will become clearer when you have some wealth to work with. In the mean time, you cannot hold onto your former beliefs that money itself is bad. It’s all about how you use it. Keep the gifts moving.