I imagine most people are feeling a bit overwhelmed, now that the political roller coaster has actually taken us over the edge. Empaths, people of color, anyone who is woke, are also experiencing some level of trauma. I am offering a few words from the Teachers that you might find helpful:

A’riquea:  A problem today is that humans are constantly bombarded with feelings, actually encouraged to amass more and more feeling. Think about plants and animals. Stimuli vary, but the intensity of that variation is only occasionally worth reacting to. Humans have come to believe that everything requires a reaction. Then the reactions create more reactions which create more reactions. The human system is overwhelmed.

I am thinking about the energy patterns of my childhood, and how things became so muddy and unrecognizable that I learned to assume everything was a threat. It’s taken most of my adult life to untangle that.

It is the human condition. And that has been layered onto with the explosion in technology and the sheer numbers of humans interacting on the planet. Even if you are not directly interacting, the energy is still there. This is why meditation is so important—it brings you away from the interactive field and into communication with your own body, mind, and spirit. It is a stepping back…You need to learn how to pull back and allow your feeling to be just part of the flow of Universe. Reaction is not necessary. Rest and repair are.


A’riquea:  It is not possible to be human and not have had some loss. Loss can come in many forms, of course. Loss of innocence, loss of trust, loss of family connections, loss of Home location. How an event will affect one person is variable, depending on their previous choices and learning.

Trauma defines significant or multiple losses, something that stretches a person’s coping ability in such a way that new ways of being are required to go forward. Look up trauma.

Trauma is defined as both an experience and its aftermath: it is an experience that is deeply disturbing or distressing, and it is also the shock (physical, emotional, psychic) that follows such an event. ‘Trauma’ comes from the greek word for ‘wound’.

So it is a shock to the system. If it is literally a wound, then that is an opening. Openings in the skin are a place where either germs enter and destroy tissue, or new tissue is beautifully created out of Life Force to seal that opening. A scar is evidence of healing.

Yes, an opening is made. An opening is made in the way that a person thinks about the world. The opening is such that the person cannot go back to thinking the way that they did before the trauma occurred. Sometimes people have difficulty making the change, and it may take a long time. Sometimes the change is never made, and people choose to cover their confusion and loss with addictions.

Addiction is like keeping a dirty bandage on a wound. The wound will not be seen, but it will also not be healed. Healing a wound requires that one look at it, address it, take care of it. It needs to be kept clean, so that it does not collect harmful debris. It needs air and nutrition and rest. It needs Love. Everything needs Love, including wounds. Sometimes this is very painful. That is the new tissue forming. The scar is a sign of Love.


Healing Grandmother:  Who do you think you are that you can organize and control the outcome of the World?! There is so much energy swirling in so many directions that you cannot possibly even be aware of all that. Others are making decisions all the time that affect how the present lines up. Thinking you have control is a function of the ego.

Step back, energetically, from all of this pushing and fretting. When you relax into your spiritual core, you are opening Space around you. You are detaching from Points. You cannot be stuck in Points and also move in Space. This is difficult, because the human world around you is concentrating on Points, correcting energy to keep maintaining the Points.

Look around. It is spring now. You have been awed and humbled by the process of winter opening to green growth. It happens on its own time, doesn’t it? When there is enough rain and heat, when the sun is high enough, the green comes. It shows up day by day by day, in little increments. Then one day, it is summer. Everything has this cycle to it. Remember…the circle. It is all there. Everything is there in the circle. The circle is turning, in everything we do. In everything we are.

…Every step in the circle is a cycle also. There are many. You are spending your energy worrying…instead of getting your energy aligned with The Circle. Let yourself feel The Circle. Join The Circle and turn the Wheel of Life in all you do. That is the Red Road, the Good Way, the Christ Path, the One With All. It is why you are here. To do just this. 

Let the distractions fall away. Focus on Space and opening. That is how you keep the path free for opportunity.