I’m at the end of day three in a four-day writer’s conference. What a great way to get my passion further ignited, my juices flowing. One thing I really needed was a better understanding of the publishing business. I published my first book through a vanity press. These are self-publishing houses that charge many thousands of dollars and then push you out the door. My current publisher has horrendous customer service. I have neither the digestive stamina nor the financial resources to go this route again.

I was heartened to hear that I may be able to publish my second book (already finished) through a small press, hopefully in my own state. A small press would actually purchase the manuscript and print the book. I would still have to manage my own marketing, but could turn the money from the book into a resource for that. After a long day of searching and interviewing, I have found zero publishers in Minnesota that are interested in my genre. They all want novels and poetry, maybe history or memoir. Body-Mind-Spirit is a little too woo-hoo, I guess, and channeled writing might as well be on another planet. (Come to think of it, maybe it is). I came home feeling dejected, rejected, flat.

What an educational opportunity this is in not taking things personally. It’s not me that is being rejected. The content and quality of my writing is not being rejected. Heck, no publisher has even seen it. Nothing is actually being rejected. My second book is ready to go. I just haven’t found a home for it. It’s no stray dog, either. It’s a seed that has yet to be planted. I need to cultivate a little more persistence and a lot more patience. Maybe get a good night’s sleep, too.