I have been reminded lately that I am a spirit walking the Earth. It’s important to not take in too much ego-drama, or world-drama, but to let it slide by and be mindful of where I rest my attention. My true purpose is to embody spiritual energy on the physical plane, to connect with the vibrations of peace, beauty, and joy. That message is so clear, and so simple, and it just keeps repeating over and over—practice transcendence, exist in the larger context. Expand. 

This is in all of the messages we have been trying to convey. Sometimes we work through specific problems, like relationship issues, and sometimes we are looking at bigger problems, like coping with world issues. But it really all comes down to the same message—that it is time to expand the energy footprint of humans.

It’s ironic that humans are talking about reducing their energy footprint, but then we’re talking about how many geologic resources are getting burned up to support our physical plane lifestyle. 

These activities go together. By reducing their ‘carbon footprint,’ people will stop focusing on things, on physical plane objects, on Points. 

Reducing focus on things helps expand the focus on relationships. Relationship is the energy that connects one thing with another, a joining through the movement of energy between one thing and the next, between multiple things simultaneously. People have been trained to focus on things as the source of energy movement. The fleeting vibration of pleasure is but a hint of the greater vibration of joy. Joy is the vibration that lasts long after the initial contact is made. It lasts because it is a different wavelength, one which contains echos, in the present, of the past and the future. It can be recalled and felt again. It can be manifested without any contact with a physical object. It can exist on its own and be magnified through intention. It can reach others through the time-space continuum. Joy is one of the vibrations of expansion, of larger context, of multi-dimensional effect. 

You can start by asking,”what is good about this?” whenever you take on a project or activity. Look at what is good, not as a distraction from that which is not-good, but as a place of reference for increasing your positive vibration. Yes, positive vibration is a choice. It is not pollyanna denial or painting over decay. It is a choice to manifest the greater good in all actions and thoughts. It is connection with Universal Life Force, with multi-dimensional positive energy. It is a conscious choice to allow this connection and then to magnify it through the energy of your physical presence. It is the use of the gift of your physical body for the improvement of the Universe. It is recognizing the bigger picture, the infinite picture, and your ability and responsibility to be mindful of what you add to it. It’s not just something you talk about. It’s not just something you do. It’s something you participate in, with your full heart and mind and body. 

These are the actual teachings of the spirit-person named Jesus. To embody the Love of the Universe and assist others in their journey to also embody this Love. Any other social or political or financial process does not meet this goal. Lead by example, not by coercion. Open your heart and mind to this message, no matter what form it takes, even in religious context. You have been shutting out great opportunities because you dislike this coercion. Do not place your attention there. Place your attention on the Love of the Universe, on Life Force, and embody joy. 

It is written in the [akashic] records, and so you shall let your fears and your judgment fall away, and become a messenger of these messages. You must be present in the echo when you speak, for then the echo will come through you, and others will hear it, and you will assist them in this transformation called evolution, in to the next thing, the Next World, which awaits you.

Go now. Place yourself in the echo. Make your life one with it.