Last night we were gifted with an especially fabulous show of Northern Lights. I got out of my warm bed at 2 a.m. and stood in the winter yard, dressed in my coat and mittens and wrapped in blankets. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. What a stunning visual expression of our Universe! Waves of light were shooting up from every horizon in a 360 degree dance of multicolored flames and curtains, constantly shifting across the sky and sometimes merging in a spinning dome overhead. It was all around me. I hardly knew where to lay my eyes. Filled with awe and joy, I laid on the hood of the car to take it all in. I was aware that many of my friends and neighbors were also outside, all of us silently sharing this thrilling experience in the very same moment.

I feel a little a spaced out today. Maybe it’s from being up in the middle of the night. Maybe it’s from being a participant in a mind-blowing dream-like event. Maybe it’s because I am still surrounded by the cosmic shifts that create the Northern Lights. They’re still happening, you know, right this very minute––I just can’t perceive them because it’s daytime and the brilliance of the sun is blocking my vision. It’s the same with the infinity of stars I see on a clear night. It’s not that the stars go away during the day. They’re still there in the sky above, I just can’t see them in the light of day.

This is a great parallel to all paranormal phenomena. While I go about my daily life, I’m not able to sense as much as when I’m in the shifted environment of a dream state. Once I’ve had my socks knocked off by the amazing beauty of an altered state, like I did last night, it enters my cells and rearranges my energy, bringing me into communion with the Universe.