Last fall I attended a Sufi retreat with Pir Shabda Kahn. He led our dance circle and gave several seated teachings a day. He is gentle, wise, and uses a lot of humor. I don’t have any history with the Arabic origins and references of Sufism, but I recognized almost everything he said in parallel with what the Teachers have been saying all these years. I left the gathering feeling renewed and inspired.

At home, I meditated and invited Pir Shabda Kahn’s image. He came right away, as if he had been waiting for me. My rational brain doubted this possibility—how could a person who physically exists in the present, and knows thousands and thousands of people and travels all over the world teaching, connect to me personally? But I am well aware that spirits, unlimited by physical bodies, travel on many levels outside of time simultaneously. I had to let go of the need to pin anything down and just allow it.

Pir Shabda Kahn motioned for me to follow him. I struggled to do so, feeling anchored by my body. Once I reorganized my energy into transcendence I followed him easily. He brought me to a tunnel. It was dark and earthy in the tunnel, and we had to stoop to fit through. We came out the other end and sat together on the edge of the opening. It was high above a vast plain of verdant meadow, as if we were on a mountain cliff edge or a cloud. He was delighted that we had arrived, and swept his hand out over the landscape as if to say “behold the beauty of creation.” Then he motioned for me to leave the edge of the tunnel and fly out into the sky. I became a bird resting on in his palm. I was small, soft, and gray-white. I was a dove.

Pir Shabda Kahn encouraged me to fly far outward until I came to a place where I hovered in the air and prayed. I heard myself reciting Bismullah ah-rakman, bismullah ah-rakim (in the name of God, the most gracious, in the name of God, the most merciful), over and over and over. I was hovering high above the Middle East. I had been given a peace prayer directive. This was not a one-time request. I was being instructed to revisit this over and over, to continue flying above the chaos of the Middle East, to offer my energy to anyone below who needed hope and Love.

As I repeated this day after day, I began to see that I was part of a giant flock of doves all circling there together. These are the prayers of peace being lifted by many. The flock of doves is softly flapping in a huge counter-clockwise circle. All I have to do is place my attention there and I see my prayer-dove circling with the others. Regularly reuniting with the energy of my intention and my prayer, my dove flies continuously, even while I am distracted elsewhere.

I would like to encourage all of you to enter this prayer. Place yourself in the expanded state of meditation or transcendence, and then create an intention of positivity and peace. See your dove of peace circling in the ever-growing mass of prayer. Have no doubt that this arrangement of energy will not only create peace in your own being but also affect the overall energy balance towards human peace. Every action, no matter how small, adds to the whole.