Dear Friends–
My heart has been distressed by the events unfolding recently in Ukraine. Maybe you are struggling too? My own distress, however, is only adding to the huge amount of negative energy being generated in our world right now. It is better to focus on the positive. Not to ignore the negative and difficult, but to acknowledge it and compensate in a more positive direction.

The Buddhist practice of Tonglen (also called “taking and sending”) involves breathing in the difficulties of a situation and breathing out compassion. One effect of this practice is the transformation of our energy vibration from fear, anger or judgment into light, peace and Love. To be effective, we cannot just think about it––we need to feel it. This transforms not only our own vibration, but also the total energy of the Universe.

One doesn’t have to be a Buddhist to practice this. And one doesn’t have to practice this exactly to make a change. I have been lighting a candle every morning, for example, and praying with it many times a day for all the parties involved. In my prayers I embody compassion, protection, and Light for the people of Ukraine and Russia, their neighbors, and the soldiers on both sides. I concentrate with the Light Beings that they may reach Putin himself.

I encourage you to please take whatever helpful steps you can muster in these times as well.