To start my day with spiritual vibration, I try to make prayers every morning. I hold an offering in my left hand and feel the passion of my heart entering that offering as I speak. I stand outside with the trees and other spirits and give thanks. Then I place my offering among the trees with the intent that it will be shared.

Someone approached me recently and asked me to include their relative, who is very sick with Covid, in my morning prayers. This is a big responsibility. It is important to bring this healing request to the ancestors with a clear heart and mind.

As I stood with my offering, I struggled. I know this relative, which means, unfortunately, that I also know of some of the poor decisions he has made in the past––decisions that hurt other people. I knew that those parts of his past, those errors of ego, do not account for the whole person. But I had a hard time clearing my judgement. I had to ask myself, “Who am I to be making judgements before the ancestors, anyway—that is not my place.” Out in the trees, I talked through my difficulties. I explained the situation. I asked for the healing because this relative is a human and a spirit, because his family asked me to, and because I have no business judging. 

As I spoke, I began to question my own place. How is it that I have assumed that I belong anywhere near these ancestors? And yet they come to me. We are all connected, and anyone who prays well is praying with the ancestors. 

When I came in the house I asked if there was anyone who wanted to comment on this situation. The Grandfathers came:

I see them, a circle of elders in a darkened tepee. One Grandfather is standing, speaking for them. He is dressed in regalia, with a bonnet. When he speaks, beads tinkle as he raises his arms. 

The Grandfathers: As you know, there is always much more at work than you can see. We are well aware of this situation and any factors contributing to it. This is this man’s journey. This is his family’s journey. We do take requests like yours into consideration, but in the end this is the path that he has chosen. We are watching and present. He has seen us and we have had many conversations.

Everything you do adds to the energy of the Universe, so it is good to be checking your ego before you make a request. Think about this—what energy you are creating in the Universe—when you make your request, when you make any sort of prayer.

Everything that you do is a prayer, and this is but one of them. Bring your whole self into the picture. Everything you have ever done or thought or asked for. Everything you are doing or thinking or asking. Anything you might do or think or ask. This fixation on the present means nothing, for there is no present without the past and the future and the Everything. 

Let go. Let go of your need to know. It is right to question your motives and your actions. The more you travel the Red Road,* the less you will need to question. This is something that we want. We want you to follow the Red Road every day, in every moment. Then you will not need justification or affirmation, because integrity will already be in everything that you do and think. 

There is one more thing. This where your strength comes from. It is the way to conduct your business: as if you yourself are an ancestor, which you are. As you make your way in this world, you are creating a path. Make sure it is a path that you would like your children and grandchildren to follow. Make this path honest and clean and loving. Be that which you want to see in the world. 

We would like to see you at this council fire. Not to be making requests or conducting business, but to be observing and learning. We have been waiting. This is your place.
[I’m having intrusive thoughts from my ego, feeling both unworthy and prideful.]
He has been looking up, raising his arms as he speaks. Now he crouches down and looks me straight in the face.
Arrange your energy to remove this. Be the beautiful being that you are, without the need to rely on status of any kind. Open to the journey and be mindful of the path. The rest will unfold. You will unfold. The Universe is unfolding.


* The Red Road is a life of deep commitment to respect for self, others, all creation, and the Creator.