I’ve been distracted. I feel out of touch. My body and spirit are not well-connected and my presence is fractured. I want to continue along the path of my spiritual purpose. What I really need is to reconnect, for my own energetic health, to the place where my path flows––my body. I asked for guidance and this is what I heard:

The Women’s Collective:  It would be nice if there was a quick little fix, wouldn’t it? Like your friend who was avoiding, avoiding, avoiding their connection, and then at some point there is no longer any room to avoid. You are in this place in some ways. You have been attentive, but not always to what is most important.

[A symptom of my state, I just jumped right in wanting to know what’s most important.]

This is part of the situation that is not working, this need to instantly know what the answer is. Life is organically unfolding all of the time. When you are looking for answers, you are pushing the process in a way that interrupts that flow. Things are getting smashed and crumpled and bent, into shapes that limit flow. It would be more helpful to step back from the process and let it happen. 

It doesn’t mean that you don’t ride the wave, but it’s not riding the wave like getting on a surfboard and controlling your interface. It’s more like getting in the water and feeling the flow around you, enjoying the delicious feel of the water, swishing around in it and letting its substance join the water substance within you, until you become one. Then you can feel the water in you and you in the water. There is a weightless presence to that. 

You have become removed from the flow of the Universe. The physical body without the Universe is just a shell. Caffeine briefly makes you think you have reconnected, but it is a false connection. Meditation would be better. Meditate every day, or multiple times every day. Get yourself back into the flow of Love and Life Force. Only when you are reconnected will you feel rested.

You would like to know if there is some kind of dimensional aspect to your concern. The answer is Yes and No. When you are disconnected, as we discussed above, then your dimensional helpers cannot do the kind of work that might assist you. Not everything can be fixed and made new. But it would be good for you to consider the function of the body, what life would be like without it, what value there is in paying attention.