I tend to value all beings, because it feels like the “right” way to see the world. In fact, I feel so much empathy for others that it is often physically painful. It’s hard for me to believe that someone else doesn’t feel that, that they can turn away from the suffering of others. Yet I must also sometimes do this, because the pain is more than I can tolerate. And how can I show disgust and intolerance for someone who is showing disgust and intolerance? There is so much behavior to understand here!

Universal Wisdom: These are difficult times for humans now. Everything that is happening all over the world is being broadcast instantly into your home environment. It can be overwhelming. It is important to be able to step away and put it in context. When there is negativity, it is easy to react by being negative also.

I am distracted by the idea that politically we seem to be heading down a Stalin-esque path. It’s hard to see anything that is not negative. There is so much fear everywhere. Fear for what is going to happen. Fear of speaking out against it. Fear of not speaking out.

In the bigger picture, what has happened is a little blip on the radar. In the bigger picture, the fear that led to this outcome is actually the energy disturbance of the nearby Shift. We have been talking about this for some time. People feel uneasy and they need a place to locate that uneasiness. It manifests as fear because the future is an unknown. As a cancer survivor, you already understand that the future is unknown, but not everyone has this perception.

You are asking if there is some way you can use your skills to guide or support healthier change. The answer is Yes and No. You cannot change the minds of those who are not ready. They will go the way they have been going. You may be able to change the minds of some who are on the edge of change.

You cannot move forward with the idea that you can or will make change. That only sets you up to have your Ego take over. You can use yourself as a model, of a way to be. It’s not really important how big of a wave this makes. What is important is how many are making this kind of wave. As you have recently learned, there is a collective wave change (called a moire). The small changes can collect into a bigger change. This is the effect you can have on your own.

If you want to have a larger effect, you will have to look for the places where the waves are already moving, and connect to those. This is not your purpose. You have been condensed into your Home for a reason. You need to follow your own path. That is what you can do. Follow your own path and your own purpose.

Yes, it is important to point out negative behavior when you see it or are exposed to it. And how you do that is very important. You can not become a hater of haters. You have to become a lover of those the haters hate, and even a lover of the haters. Not a lover of the haters’ behavior, but a lover of the haters themselves. You must be a lover. A Love-er. That is your purpose.

Go now. You want to make this more complicated than it is.