Someone I work with suddenly attacked my personal character in a very loud and aggressive manner. I had no idea they felt that way, and the accusations were unfounded. Usually, I am quite adept at letting people be who they are, where they are, without taking it too personally, without reacting. Not this time. I was taken off guard. And I am stewing! I would like to understand why I can’t seem to let go of this.

Universal Wisdom: This is the nature of much human behavior. People do not want to have negative feelings. If they haven’t learned how to deal with them, they may choose to hold them back. They are actually doing a good thing by not reacting in the moment, which could lead to hurt feelings in others. It is important to know that the person holding onto their feelings does not want to hurt others. Eventually, they are unable to hold it all back. In a situation of either safety or pressure, they blow. Then there is a lot of concentrated negativity around them.

You might want to recognize that the person actually did feel safe enough around you to let their negativity out. The challenge, however, is for the people around them to not react to the bath of negativity. You may feel hurt or angry, you may feel abused or disrespected. Try to understand that this is the energy of the other person’s feelings. It does not have to be yours.

Sometimes, even if you manage to avoid reacting, it is hard to walk away without strong feelings. Know that your own energy field has been affected by the intense vibration of this outburst from the other person. Being affected is not the same thing as being attacked. Much of your own reaction is to the feeling of being attacked. Then you become defensive or feel like attacking back. Deep breathing and centering can help you get back to balance. You may need to take action, in your own space, to shake off some of that energy vibration. Strong exercise is a good way to move that kind of energy. Focusing on the injustice of such an outburst will only feed the negative energy. Be thoughtful about what you choose to feed that energy. Is it more of the same? Or is it something that puts it into a wider perspective?

People who experience oppression have to deal with this on a regular basis. They are subject to constant random attacks from others based on characteristics that are unchangeable: skin color, economics, religion, gender. There is a fine line between accepting the broader perspective––that the person attacking them has their own issues––and turning the energy of attack into a catalyst for change. You are seeing much of this in your own culture and around the world now. There is a shift occurring and many people are uncomfortable in many ways. There are those who are saying they’ve had enough of the limits of the status quo and they want something different. And there are those who are safe in the status quo and don’t want to see anything change.

Change is the definition of Life Force. Energy is moving always. Seeds are growing into trees, and trees are falling down to make the soil. It is ever in flux. Nothing is static.

Be the change that you want to see in the world.

Yes. It is important to embody the energy vibration that promotes the greatest harmony.

My co-worker may have been exposed to negativity in others, and now he is expressing that in himself and his actions. My initial reaction was to react just as he had, to become angry.

And it is not the most helpful way to behave. You will want to embrace his concerns just like you do with other passive-aggressive people.

That’s right. Is there something I could say or do to help create harmony here.

You must leave it alone for now, and understand that he is choosing his own life path.

I have a bad habit of jumping in to try to rescue someone from themselves.

Yes, and that is not helpful. Keep spreading harmony in your own behavior. It may have an effect on the atmosphere that will inspire others. You have already been doing this. It is why you are part of this work team. Let each person work out their own business. Your own business is your own attitude and how you express it.

I’ve been struck lately by how many opportunities I have for spreading the Love One Another message, just through intention and behavior. I really believe that it’s important that this is not coming through the dogma of an organized religion, but just in the attitude of how we interact with one another.

This is the message we are trying to get out. How humans treat each other and all beings on the planet will ultimately determine the survival of all. There is no room for selfish aggrandizement any more. But it is also a time of change, and some will be more or less skilled than others. Patience is needed.

Thank you. Is there anything else.

Humans are coming into a time of great upheaval. This is like turning the soil in the garden. It is necessary for health. It will not necessarily be pleasant, unless you look for the openings of light and air, the opportunities for positive improvement, and act on them.

Thank you. Blessed Be.