After being semi-homeless all summer, I’ve finally landed in my new home. It’s been a busy few months of general contracting and construction projects, sorting and purging, filling and emptying my car with boxes––realigning every aspect of my physical life. There are still many projects to complete, but I feel like I can finally go back to “having a life” now.

I wonder what that actually means. Prior to this transition, I was living in another state for three months, with my father in hospice. While that was real life, it wasn’t my life. How far back do I go to reconnect with the real me? Before cancer? Before single parenting? Before divorce? Before my career as a community health nurse? Somewhere in childhood? Before that, even? How far back do I go to find the original seed of my being?

I have been remaking myself my whole life. I am in a position now to remake myself again. And I am in a good place to do that with awareness and intention. I have moved away from the noise and bustle of town and out into the woods. Every day I am living with the trees and the birds, the earth, the sky, the wind. I am being reminded to slow down. To enter space. To stop doing and enjoy being.

I am in the right place.