I am sharing the following helpful support which I received from Reverend Roman Zahir Orest:
I am touched by the ‘reframing’ wisdom that my Sufi friend Percival Will Hale from the MN DUP circles is writing about.  Here are his words:
“Some call our current situation a pandemic.
I call this era in history “The Great Calm”.
The “Great Depression” in the 1930’s sparked a wave of fear and scarcity.
The “Great Calm” happening now is a wave of Peace, a worldwide harmony, far beyond anything ever experienced.
My contribution to the Great Calm is the Harmony Refresh.
A Heartful Harmony Refresh is a simple skill with three easy steps,
— feel your physical heartbeat
— be aware of your breath
— relax your body and settle into calm
As the world slows down and stops to pause, we will be able to amplify our personal experience of Harmony, reduce fear, and increase calm in the world.”
Be a light in the storm,  Zahir