It is exhausting to be constantly bombarded by news of craziness, fear, and destabilization.
Here is a helpful reminder about purpose from page 16 of Traveling Light:

Universal Wisdom:  A human life is a series of choices. Each choice, conscious or unconscious, creates an energy effect in the Universe. Humans are making choices all day every day. Some of them seem small, some very large, in terms of the effect they have. But it is all additive. “Personality” is not just the material, the baggage that one starts out with, it is also the accumulation of choices over time. Each choice leads a person down a path of their own making. Certainly, humans are born into an environment of circumstance, but they make choices within that environment.

Remember the contract you come in with: to keep shining under the circumstances. Everyone does their best. Some are more skilled than others. The challenge is to see through the temptation to be passively directed by all that exists around you, and to recognize yourself as your own creator. And then to make positive choices that will move you on your spirit path.