I have been away from my blog for a while, distracted by several projects. One of them is a remodel of my rustic studio home. Remodeling is messy business. There’s a lot of noise and dust and general disorder during the transformation. Routines are disrupted. Things aren’t where you expect them to be. Some items get lost, or pitched. You may even need a dumpster to deal with the debris that’s generated.

This is just how it works––for something to change, something’s gotta change! If I want to clean out a closet, for example, I first have to pull everything out, then go through the items and decide what to keep and what to discard. In the end, the energy feels clear and cleansed. But the process of creating new order first requires disorder.

Many parts of our collective lives are currently under reconstruction. Climate is shifting. Economics are unstable. Politics have become disturbing. The pandemic has disrupted our homes and workplaces and schools and public meeting areas. People are stressed. We’re being asked to adjust and adapt on a daily basis.

These are all effects of the Shift. The Teachers have been telling us about the Shift for decades. While I certainly believed them, I had no context for understanding it. But here it is. They said that the Shift would be so big that no one would be able to choose whether or not to participate in it––they would only be able to choose how.

That is a good reminder for us to accept all the disruption as just a time of transition. To not get hung up on the noise and general disorder, but to step back and focus on the bigger picture. To be mindful about what to discard and what to keep.  To make choices that will prepare us to occupy the New World that is being created with the dismantling of this one.