I was listening to an MPR interview the other day with author and professor George Saunders. Saunders was talking about how easy it is to be dark and edgy. Complaining and pointing out problems is like harvesting the low-hanging fruit, or even the deadfall. Anyone can do it. Finding graceful solutions is something that we are less practiced at.

Living in beauty and appreciation is something that we shy away from because, culturally, it is seen as forced, superficial, cheesy. It sure can be used as a facade for avoiding real life. But it is also possible to go deeper, and honor a spiritual balance that includes true gratitude. This requires a gaze readjustment, a focus on the higher fruit. What part of me rises up to meet the essence of living?

If I can channel my inner Satan, I sure can channel my inner shaman. Or my inner fire. My inner clown. My inner flower.