Hello, friends! I’ve been gone away for a few weeks. What have I been doing? Taking care of others. Taking care of others is often positioned as our highest good, and heaven knows we could use more of that (and less self-centered ranting and hoarding) in our culture. It is, however, the bane of those of us who are already taking care of others—at the expense of our own self-care. We can’t care for others if our own well is dry. I am constantly being given opportunities to learn this lesson. It turns out I am a poor student!

The following is a quote from Deng Ming-Dao which I have posted in my home, and need to read every day:

“Those who follow Tao believe in using sixteen attributes on behalf of others: mercy, gentleness, patience, non-attachment, control, skill, joy, spiritual love, humility, reflection, restfulness, seriousness, effort, controlled emotion, magnanimity, and concentration. Whenever you need to help another, draw upon these qualities. Notice that self-sacrifice is not included in this list. You do not need to destroy yourself to help another. Your overall obligation to complete your own journey along your personal Tao. As long as you can offer solace to others on your same path, you have done the best that you can.”