In the previous post (April 17, 2022), we were encouraged us to adapt to the changes of The Shift by sensing energy:

A’riquea:…When you focus on the greater vibration of change, it is more helpful to be in your chest and lower body, your torso, because this is where the sensors for this kind of information are located. Trying to make sense of it with your head, with your intellect, will bring distress, because you cannot ‘make sense’ of these changes in an intellectual way.

But you can Make Sense of these vibrations with your expanded energy sensors. There you will find a pleasant flow, like receiving body work. Energy will move and reorganize and connect in places beyond your usual awareness. It is not important to note these feelings and catalog them. It is important to feel them. Let yourself feel the change moving through you. Let your being be in the flow. Practice this. Feel the change.

This is an example of the difference between Point and Zone. Trying to nail down The Shift intellectually, concentrating energy through analyzing or labeling, creates a static Point. Sensing The Shift with the belly brain, with our greater energy sensors (similar to intuition), moves us into a larger and more fluid context. This is the energy arrangement of Zone. 

The Welcoming Committee in Greater Realms:  Almost everything we talk about, every message, has this quality of expansion to it. We are interested in encouraging humans to expand their world view and energy footprint, to move into patterns that include states beyond the five senses. This is the expanding consciousness which will carry you along in evolution. It is the time to do this, not necessarily because you are ready (although you are), but because it is required. This is the energy state of The Shift. 

Those who are uncomfortable with this energy change but are unable to acknowledge it or adapt will find themselves in greater and greater distress. This is unfortunate but inevitable, that some will make the change and some will not. It is the nature of evolution. But the more people recognize that entering a greater energy state is the way of the Universe, the stronger this positive change will be. You cannot change everyone on the planet. You must start with yourself, and then assist those around you. Assist is the key word. Everyone will make their own shift, or not. And then we will be living in the Next World. 

It’s tempting to ask about some sort of timeline, what to expect.

Time is not part of the equation. Time is irrelevant to this discussion. The Shift will occur with changes in vibration. The jump, the leap, the move to the next ‘layer’ will be spontaneous in the moment it reaches fullness. That is all.