Life feels unstable right now. It’s difficult not to feel unsettled in our current global situation. The free world is being held hostage by a bully and we are seemingly unable to stop the real-time slaughter of many in the face of nuclear threat. I feel a responsibility to be aware and bear witness, but am distressed by what I see: destruction, genocide, suffering. More countries are getting pulled into the swirl. More people are being harmed.

I’m traumatized by what is happening and also fearful about what might be coming next. I am frustrated at the powerlessness of standing by and doing nothing, but recoil from the solution of encouraging more war. In the meantime, we are also ignoring climate change and throwing away a sustainable future for our grandchildren. 

Reaction (frustration, mistrust, distress, fear) is my ego’s attempt to cope with these difficult situations. But what actually comes before those reactions? What is the vibration underneath them? Change. It’s all about the unknowns of change. Disruptions in known patterns.

Global disruption is evidence of The Shift, the rebalancing of cosmic energy that the Teachers have been describing for decades. I have a choice, to continue to be distressed by this disruption or to reach some level of peace. It depends on where I focus my attention––on feeling or on having feelings.

Having feelings––reacting, is a function of the ego. Having feelings reduces my perspective to five-sense existence and contracts my energy. Feeling, or sensing, on the other hand, allows for movement of energy beyond the five-senses and is a state of expansion. When I stop and let go of my reactions, when I let myself sense the vibration of greater change, I find that it’s not unpleasant. In fact, it’s refreshing. Energy in motion counters stagnation. It nourishes adaptation.

A’riquea:  This is The Shift in energy that we have been talking about for some time. It is difficult to describe, because it’s a sensation, not a visible manifestation. Structures are being reorganized. 

It doesn’t seem to make sense when you  compare it to patterns that you are used to. That’s what change is––something different. Putting too much energy into your reactions pulls your energy away from your center, typically into your upper body, and brings you out of balance. When you focus on the greater vibration of change, it is more helpful to be in your chest and lower body, your torso, because this is where the sensors for this kind of information are located.*

Trying to make sense of it with your head will bring distress, because you cannot make sense of these changes in an intellectual way. But you can Sense these vibrations with your expanded energy sensors. There you will find a pleasant flow, like receiving body work. Energy will move and reorganize and connect in places beyond your usual awareness. It’s not important to note these feelings and catalog them. It is important to feel them. Let yourself feel the change moving through you. Let your being be in the flow. Practice this. Allow the change and move with it.

*Sensors for expanded energies are found in the vagal nervous system, also called the “belly brain.”  80% of these nerves run from the internal body to the brain, which produces ‘sensing’ (as opposed to sensation).