I was sitting at the dinner table with my dad and he was telling one if his regular anecdotes. 
“You know why there is a space between words? So you have time to think.” It triggered some thoughts of my own about Space, and I was suddenly aware of the space between he and I. And then I realized how to better apply all of the teachings I’ve received about Space.

Grandmother Dreams has a lot of information about Point and Zone, or Points and Space. Some of those descriptions seem abstract. But Space can be the space between people. That is the space where energy transfers, from one person/Point to another. It originates in the Point/person. The movement, and continued maintenance of energy transfer, is what determines the quality of energy in the space between them. What defines Love is the vibrational quality of the transmitted energy.

Think about how powerful it is when energy is continuously received and returned. It can create a concentrated vibration, a hum. This is what people are seeking in romantic relationships. But that often gets tangled up in ego expectations and reactivity. In its more pure form, it would more closely resemble something like unconditional love for a child. This is probably why God is so often referred to in patriarchy as a loving Father (culturally, it’s really closer to Mother, but in the Big Picture it’s much grander––it’s both, and neither).

What The Teachers are really asking us to do is share the energy of Love with one another. Religions all start with this idea. But what if it was not a religious directive, and instead a spiritual one? It would be open to everyone. You wouldn’t have to believe something else first, or practice rote rituals (although that could be helpful in reaching your goal), or belong to a restricted community. You wouldn’t even have to believe in God. It’s energy practice. You can just do it.

Become aware of the energy in your body, become aware of how you move it, and be intentional in that movement. Move positive energy without the expectation of return or reward. Move positive energy toward others because it improves you, because it feels good and is the right thing to do. Practice it. Joyfully!