This morning I am thinking about mymental-emotional challenges, and where this is coming from. Change of seasons and decreased light is my first idea. But I also wonder if I am sensitive to some kind of astrological changes. In the back of my mind I am wondering about the whole 12-12-12 business, and what shifts are occurring in another realm that can be felt here. Can anyone speak to this? The Library Man is here. I am feeling some resistance to hearing what he has to say. I don’t understand that, except that it feels difficult to get centered enough to be that present. Practicing Love and Let Go. And here he is, my hands holding his papers. I will try to just type and not think.
You are wondering about this, and that is a good thing, to be wondering instead of reacting. It is true that something is happening on another plane. If you talk to others, you will find that many people are feeling this. It is important to stay grounded now. Not just today but also in the coming weeks. Many things are gong to happen that you will find difficult to understand. You can help yourself reminding yourself that this is the way is it. It is not supposed to be some other way. Something is shifting. Humans are anticipating this shift and don’t know what it is, so that has added a lot of fear and anxiety. Some people will not make good choices during this time of stress.
Can you tell us something about The Shift.
It cannot be explained in a way that humans will understand.
Can it be explained to our spirits.
Spirits already know about this, because Spirits are participating in this shift. It is why humans feel uncomfortable, because their spirits are involved in a change process, and their spirits are at least partially attached to the physical form of human bodies. This is the vibration that is causing  concern. But it is also the reason to weather the shift, to ride the flow that is occurring. 
Shifts are occurring all the time. As you know, that is Life Force—change. The current shift is close to the vibration of physical form. That is why it is more easily felt. 
Riding the flow, going with it, allowing it, requires a certain amount of physical grounding. That feels a little more difficult in the face of the changes I feel—depression and anxiety.
Note, however, that this has occurred primarily in thought form. Not there aren’t physical manifestations, such as the night awakening you described. It will be important to temper your reactions to these manifestations. Do not be drawn into thinking that something is wrong. Be aware that something is different. Be curious and pay attention. There is much to learn.
This is very helpful.
I do have to bring up the Middle East, where it looks like things are blowing up into a major world conflict. So far, I am physically distant from these events. What about the people who are there, who are directly exposed to the effects.
The people in these areas have been exposed to significant threats and losses for a number of years already. Events are intensifying there, and so are effects. They, obviously, have greater challenges in staying grounded, not buying into the conflicts created by government politics. These people have the opportunity to Join Hands in Peace, to choose Ego in correct position to Spirit. There are many challenges ahead.
The most important thing you can do is stay centered and spiritually connected. Global events are well beyond your personal control. Remember that you draw energy to the place where you rest your attention. 
I was just reading this morning about health, how important it is to recognize what is healthy in your body. Certainly, to listen to the parts that are experiencing pain or illness, and help them find a healthy direction. But especially to pay attention to what is in good health and working well, to strengthen that so that the less-well parts have something to lean on while they repair, so that the less-well parts will have a path to follow. 
Yes. This is the same for mass identity, and environmental health, as well as personal well-being.
This also fits with my work environment. Public Health, and medicine in general, has been very problem-focused. We have been missing the fact that the problem is part of a whole, a whole which includes strengths as well as problems. They are tied together. I can think of many situations where a person has become their problem. It is their life, instead of being part of their life. In some cases, well-being has been over-powered and forgotten.