Here is a great little energy practice that you can do anywhere: Smile For No Reason.

Just let yourself relax and allow a big grin to spread over your face. Feel the energy of joy move through your body. Realize that it doesn’t have to be attached to anything else in your life but the very present moment, the act of doing it. Help your energy remember what it feels like to be happy. Because in that moment, you are.

This can be expanded in any number of ways. I’m often struck by the number of people I see driving around with a scowl on their face. I sometimes practice Smile For No Reason so I can share the joy gift with those drivers. I don’t look right at them. I’m not looking for feedback. I’m just offering the gift, driving around smiling. People often look over and wonder what I might be smiling about. I see them consider their present feelings.  Sometimes they can’t help but smile too.

When my kids lived at home, we practiced Laugh For No Reason. We’d be sitting around and someone would just start laughing. Start laughing for no reason and not stop. Pretty soon everyone couldn’t help but laugh too. When it really got going, we couldn’t stop! Tears would be streaming down our faces and the only thing that was funny was how everyone was laughing. Hahaha!!!