I went out for a strenuous hike yesterday, trying to shake the irritable state that has been dogging me. High physical output helps to burn off the jittery energy of ego and invite the higher vibration of transcendence. I hiked to the top of a small mountain, drinking in the spectacular view and bathing in the green forest energy. While I was there I received this information about my energy state:

I had been given a beautiful vision earlier in the week (see below), which transformed my energy body and my spiritual connection. On the hike, I was told that the energy transformation was unsettling to my ego. The ego craves identity and security. The new freedom of my energy body left my ego without its usual moorings. So my ego was grasping for ways to find its way and was creating drama to measure itself against. On the hike, I was reminded to view my new energy state not as something that is wrong, but as something that is different. I just need to allow my self time to develop a new equilibrium.


Here is the earlier vision gift that changed me:
I am floating in the blackness of space, curled on my side as if sleeping, drifting among the stars. I am both in my body and I also see my dream body from the outside. I lift my head and look upwards, opening my eyes. A line appears, like a horizon. Below the line is starry black space. Above the line is a blue sky filled with puffy white clouds. Wherever I focus my attention, that area expands, crowding out the other. My dream body remains visible in the starry space, but I who am the observer can focus on either zone.

The blue sky is most inviting to me, and I focus there. I see my dream body drift out of my vision as the sky expands and the starry space disappears. I feel myself being surrounded by the blue sky and clouds. It is very pleasant and peaceful. I hear whales singing to each other. My physical body, sitting in this chair, is filling up with sky and clouds until there is only the outline of my physical membrane, my skin, while everything both inside and outside of it is blue sky and clouds. I feel expansive and at ease, flowing with the clouds as they move through both my body and the sky. I feel the pulsing of what, apparently, is my heart: energy expanding, condensing, expanding. This is the energy of Life.

Now there is another energy, spiraling around the outside of my body. It starts at my feet, turning counter-clockwise and moving upwards, making a turn with each movement of heart energy. As it reaches my heart area, it stays there a bit, gaining energy from the pulsing. As the spiral reaches my head, it widens considerably. It’s like a hula-hoop, looping around and around, widest at my forehead.

Below me, below the “floor” where I stand, is the starry night sky, with my sleeping dream body floating in it.  Above me, the hula-hoop of energy narrows to a point that leads back in to the night sky. My dream body also sleeps there. A line of stars is coming from the night sky below me and traveling up the spiral path into the night sky above. The spiral is made of this line of stars. This Line of Stars is the path our spirit travels during our lifetime, in this physical body. The infinite night sky is where we come from and where we go back to. My physical body full of blue sky clouds is the Soul of God. There is no Light without Love.