I have often been asked where the Teachers’ transmissions come from, and where in my body I receive them. Since the beginning I have felt the Teachings coming through my spine. I had no explanation for that, other than my own awareness. When I read 365 Tao* today, it beautifully described this and all the layers of living.
(The term ‘Tao’ is a reference to Life Force, God Energy, The Great Mystery.)

“Tao is the road up your spine.
Tao is the road of your life.
Tao is the road of the cosmos.

People are often confused about Tao because there are references to it on so many different levels. After all, it permeates all experience. Indeed it might be saids that Tao is existence itself. It might seem odd that we can talk about Tao on a level so mundane as physical exercise and on a level as exalted as holiness itself. Those who follow Tao do not think of divinity as something “up there.” They think of it as everywhere.

Tao can be tangible when it wants and intangible when it wants, too. One tangible aspect of Tao is the road in the very center of our spines. This is the path of Tao in us. It is the spirit road connecting the various power centers of our bodies.

On a philosophical level, Tao is the road of life. It is the change from one stage to another, the dealing with circumstances, the expression of your inner character against the background of nature and society. On a metaphysical level, it is the evolution and movement of the cosmos itself. 

Now take these three levels––the movement of energy up the spine, the philosophical understanding of one’s own path in life, and the very progression of the universe––and meld them into one combined concept. The you will have glimpse of the genius of Tao.”

*365 Tao Daily Meditations, Deng Ming-Dao (HarperCollins 1992), #348.