this is part of what followed my reflection on the bombing in Boston:

I need to understand that stress and grief can pull me off center, and I don’t need to get all depressed about that. I feel this way because I am off center. It is not the end of the world. I can acknowledge what has happened, allow myself to have my feelings, and also shift my attention to regain my center. I feel better just saying that. I wonder if there is anyone who wants to speak to this. People are suffering every day. How do I place this in spiritual context.
Universal Wisdom: There is not much to say about this. It is a condition of being in physical form, that there will be suffering. There will be physical suffering and grief. There will be some who choose actions that hurt others. This is always happening on a personal level, in relationships. Sometimes it plays out in a bigger way, like a catastrophe. And then groups of people have to do similar work, coping on a mass level. There are always choices to make. Whether there will be Love and compassion, or fear and lashing out. Much Love and compassion was shown in Boston. As you have noted, Helpers make very real heroes. Everyone will have to choose what they will focus on.  True leaders will help people see the way to human compassion. Your country is fighting a battle right now between fear and compassion. It can be seen in many social and political issues. These are the choices between Ego in service to itself (fear) and Ego in service to Spirit (compassion). These are both individual choices and group choices. 
Is this also the difference between Cranial Thinking and Belly Thinking.
This conflict between fear and compassion is the natural outcome of a long period in history when cranial thinking was held up as superior. The body has been discarded as a source of information and wisdom. Yes, that is also related to a masculine-based culture. One of the reasons that you sometimes feel uncomfortable making your spiritual work public is because your culture is not ready to accept feminine function. Masculine thinkers are in charge of media and decision-making groups. The information about feminine thinking is not being presented or supported there. That is why it feels ‘underground’. And that is how it will come to people. As we have said, this is not a leader-follower commercial religion. People will be making this shift because it feels right, because they know in their gut that this is the way to move forward. People are tiring of the consumer-driven world, they are waking up to their relationship with the environment. Compassion is living in every person, they only need to wake up to it. Wake up to it and feed it. That is a choice.