Here is another Experiencing Space exercise.
This is from my first book*, which has an entire chapter on this topic.

Universal Wisdom:  Spirit wants to transcend––that is its purpose. Transcending fulfills its purpose. Many humans sense that their physical beings want to expand. They have been crushed into a small space by cultural learning. What they want is more space. They want to expand and allow more energy to enter the space between matter. This is only possible with transcendence…The average person can practice by increasing their awareness of the space around them.

There is an exercise that I find helpful, one that involves placing my attention in space, increasing my space awareness, looking for and finding it in smaller places and greater amounts all around me:

A good place to start is in the forest, Sit still and center yourself, Quietly notice all of the space above the trees. Then add all of the space between the trees to your awareness. Add the space between each twig on each tree, and all of the space between each of the leaves. Then recognize all of the space that is under the tree bark, between each bead of grass on the ground, between the hairs on the back of a buzzing fly. Keep adding. Really look. Become aware of all the space that exists everywhere. Keep looking and realize that there is much more space than matter.

In a city, stop and look above the buildings, look at all of the sky. Then recognize the space between the buildings, acknowledge the space in the rooms in the buildings, between the people on the street, between the cracks in the sidewalks, under a pebble, under your foot. Add all of the space together at once and allow your awareness to rest there.

In a house, become aware of the space in all the rooms, under the table, under the chairs, under the bed, between the sheets on the bed, between the threads of fiber weaving the sheets together. On and on and on.

Keep expanding your awareness. Look at your own body and know that there is space between your body and your clothes, between each hair on your head, inside your nose, inside your lungs, inside each cell in your blood, between the atoms in the molecules in your blood.

Keep looking and becoming aware of space. Gently hold all of the space at once until you see that all of the space is continuous––it is all connected. Eventually, it will also become clear that collective space is limitless.

It is something that has to be experienced and practiced, not just thought about. This kind of attention is used to increase awareness of the space, of the not-matter.”


*Grandmother Dreams, Conversations Across the Veil, Balboa Press (2012), p.95-96.
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