Thinking about making a spiritual shift is not enough. Action is also required. Practicing transcendence realigns the energy in our bodies and helps us become more receptive. The following passage from the introduction to Traveling Light describes the process of joining the interconnected space which is Zone. I recommend reading this passage slowly 2-3 times a week. Print it out. Have it handy. It only takes a few minutes. Reading for comprehension is important, but reading and feeling is the goal. Try to place yourself in the examples and practice the sensations of being in the Zone. This will accelerate your spiritual practice. It will also strengthen your connection across the veil. And provide some grounded-ness in these crazy times!

“Another way to understand transcendence, to be simultaneously grounded and expanded, is through the integration of Point and Zone. Concentrations of energy show up on the radar of our five senses as objects. An object appears as fixed and stable. This is what the Teachers call a Point. Objects do not stand alone. They exist in the context of the space around them. Each Point is located within an area of shared space which the Teachers call The Zone.

Humans, for example, are Points. We are physical objects. Each of us is separated from other humans by the space between us. Three people sitting in a room are three objects, or three Points. They are separated by the space between them. The room where the people are sitting is in a building, which is an object. It is separated from other buildings in the neighborhood by the space around and between them. The neighborhood itself is a Point, one of many neighborhoods, within the space of a city. The city is a Point, surrounded by the space of a continent which contains many other cities. The continent is a Point on the planet. Our planet is an object that is part of our solar system. Our solar system is a Point, which is part of our galaxy. Our galaxy is a Point, surrounded by the the Universe. You can see that everything that is a Point is also a component of a bigger Point, which is a component of an even bigger Point. Everything is both itself, a whole, and also a part of a something else, another whole. 

Every thing is a Point, and every thing is also made up of Points. Let’s look at humans again. Our body is a Point. It is made up of organs, which are Points, with space between them. (If there was no jiggle room, we would be unable to move). Each organ is made up of cells, which are Points. Each cell is made up of molecules, and each molecule is made of atoms––which are all Points, all surrounded by space. Recall the diagrams of atoms from high school science, showing a nucleus with orbiting electrons. The particles are tiny, orbiting in huge amounts of space, just like planets orbiting in a solar system. 

What connects all of these points, both inside and outside our body, is the space surrounding them. The three people in a room share the space of the room, which is connected to all the space in the neighborhood, on the planet, and inside of atoms. The objects may be seen as separate, but the space within and between every Point is shared. It is continuous from one part/whole to the next part/whole. Whether it is the space within a neighborhood or a human, within a solar system or an atom, it is all the same shared space.This continuous space is called the Zone, and it is the “place” where energy transfer occurs.

The Teachers are encouraging us to expand our energies into the space around us, into the Zone. The space between Points is where energy transfer occurs––energy transfer between humans, between humans and other sentient beings, between The Teachers and ourselves. This is the “place” where Spirit travels. It is not something that can be intellectualized, or figured out with the brain. It is felt as an intuitive vibration, and allowed as an act of creativity.

As we become aware of the energy in our bodies, and become aware of how we move that energy, we can be intentional in its vibration. We want to move positive energy without the expectation of return or reward. We want to move positive energy within ourselves and others because the act of doing so improves us. It is not just something to think about, it is something we do. It is an action. It is a lifestyle. The Teachers are encouraging us to engage in a life of spiritual purpose.”