When I went out to make my offering to the ancestors this morning I asked, as I do every day now, for the safety and protection of the Ukrainian people. I am so distressed by this situation, that civilians are being targeted and killed every day in a war that has been imposed on their country, that the world is watching and held powerless to act by the threat of global nuclear war. We are sacrificing these people. They are being so brave and determined. I feel so powerless. All I can do is witness their life-and-death struggle, and pray for them. 

This morning when I stood in the open yard among the trees with my offering in hand, a Native elder came to me. He came to me in the yard and motioned for me to follow him. He brought me high into the sky, taking me higher and higher, looking over his shoulder to make sure I was keeping up, motioning for me to follow. We flew into the clouds, and there he showed me Putin. 

Putin was seated on a great throne. Both he and the throne were one sculpture made of stone. This is the situation that has been created by all of the choices Putin has made over his lifetime. He has put himself on this throne, and since he is made of stone, he is unable to rise and walk away from it. This is unchangeable. 

Then I noticed some small movement at the base of the the throne. There were many tiny people there with pickaxes, and they were chipping away at the throne, breaking it into small pieces. The throne was huge, like a large building, and the people were so tiny—it looked like this action would take a long time. But I was also shown the future, and the stone throne with the man seated on it had fallen and was laying on its side in the rubble. 

The elder took me further into the clouds, beyond this scene. I could see the snow-covered roofs and yards of the peoples’ homes below. The elder showed me rainbows of light coming from the sky and entering the people on the Earth. Then I was on the Earth and the rainbows were entering me. The rainbows were made of all the beautiful sensations of the Earth—birds and flowers and fresh air and Love. The collective beauty was forming rainbows of light that entered me in swirls on each side and came out the front of my body in rivers of white light. The rainbows of Earth beauty were being transformed as they passed through my Earth body, coming out as currents of spiritual radiance.

I tried to aim the currents upward, back to the clouds, but the elder indicated that these currents of spiritual radiance were to be spread on the Earth plane. This is my purpose, not only in the situation with Ukraine, but also in my lifetime on the physical plane––to take in the beauty of Life Force and move it as spiritual radiance on the physical plane. 

So simple. So beautiful. I just needed to be reminded.