A friend and I were recently wondering about the possibility that ‘outside’ forces––guides or entities, angels, Teachers, whatever you might want to call them––might be able to affect our physical world. Specifically, is it possible to ask or pray or intend some kind of change and then see a result?

It’s been my understanding that we create our path through energy intention, that karma is just the natural arrival at a place we have been creating through the energy we that embody. I have a hard time believing that God or anything else is choosing or directing what happens to us here on Earth. But I do receive guidance from the Teachers. My question today: What is there to know about the possibility of any Teacher or entity or God affecting someone’s path?

The Women’s Collective:  You are right, that we are limited in our ability to create physical world outcomes. We are energy arrangements, just like you are, but we do not have the added force of physical being to work with. That is your gift, on this plane, to occupy a physical body, a body with the ability to concentrate vibration and transmit resonance. We are limited in this regard but gifted in other ways, such as dimensional travel. You are capable of dimensional travel, but will always have the anchoring factor of a body grounded on the Earth. We are capable of physical agency, but without a physical body our actions are much less refined. 

What we are able to effect are changes in thinking, mentation, perspective, ideation. Even this is connected to the physical world, because it is necessarily happening in a physical body. What we do is more like atunement. And it is only possible when the person is an aware and willing participant. “Prayer,” for the most part, is helpful because it is a kind of meditative state that allows for relaxation and openness. People can find answers in this state, just as you are doing by channeling. When many people concentrate at the same time on the same thing, the same energy vibration, there can be a cumulative effect. It is possible to create change.

Most of what humans are doing, however, is unconscious, even in the waking state. People are going through their day in a state of detachment from the Universe. They are not aware that they are a spirit in a human body, that they are a spirit making a journey on the Earth.

Recently, there has been an increase in fear and anxiety. The Earth is reorganizing, human structures are reorganizing, there is less stability in the physical world. This is The Shift. The fear and anxiety is adding up, and creating its own momentum of instability. It is still in the early stages, there is much more to come. 

Not everyone will make it through this time. Some of the loss will be random, a factor of location in any given time frame. Those who are connected to the Universe may fare better. There are no guarantees. There never have been any guarantees. It’s just that the uncertainties are now being exposed in a gigantic flowering of change. 

The only thing to be concerned about is your own energy and how it affects those around you. You must be a calm in the storm, an eye, a seeing eye which sees the Universe in every moment. That is your task on the Earth, in these times but also in all times. To fulfill the contract you came in on, to shine in the moment. To shine with the Light of Universal Love and Compassion, no matter your circumstance. It’s not easy, it’s not a bed of roses by any stretch. It often requires effort. Not effort as in work, but effort as in concentration, paying attention, being aware of where you are resting your attention. This is the only thing you have control over, and it is also the most important thing you can do. 

What is our part in that? We are ready to provide you with blueprints and tools for the journey. This is what you can receive when you ask for support. We are always ready, always available, always waiting to be asked. It is up to you to use this energy information. Then we will all move along in the evolution of consciousness.