I was at a concert recently and one of the songs really touched me. It touched my sadness, filled my eyes with tears. It was a slow gospel tune about a relative who was dying and waiting to go to the other side. It reminded me of my father’s dying process. I suppose I miss my dad. I was with him a lot during his last year. Some of that was intimate––brief discussions about death. Most of it was just being present while he slept or rested. Why am I sad? 

Universal Wisdom: You are feeling the effect of having lost something. It hardly matters what it is, although naming it sometimes helps you come to a place of clearing. What you may have lost here is some potential, something you imagined could have been. You may have wanted a better relationship with your parent, and it wasn’t there. You may have imagined some deeper conversations, and they didn’t occur. The time is past for those things to take place. Your grief is a form of regret. 

There will always be that which is un-done, incomplete. The ego wants to tell you that there can always be more. This is not true. There is only what there is. Your perspective of it can change, but the events themselves do not. What’s done is done. What is un-done is un-done. 

The done and the un-done exist in the same space. That space is The Everything. Also in that space is everything imagined and not-imagined. Everything thought and not-thought. Everything felt and un-felt. 

When your ego is doing the choosing, it will focus on either the done or the not-done. It is not capable of viewing both at the same time. This is the realm of Spirit—not just seeing, but holding, The Everything. In that realm there is no judgment, no regret. Come back to Spirit. Come back to The Everything. Let go of holding and controlling. Be. To find peace, practice Being.