I had a very interesting dream. I cannot remember the dream at all, but in it I was clearly  receiving instruction. I woke up in the middle of this teaching dream hearing the words. “I am the essence of Time.” I don’t know what that means, or who was even saying it. Am I, and every living thing, the essence of Time?

The Women’s Collective:  As you noted, you were receiving instruction in your dream state. This is happening all the time, since this is one of the purposes of spirit––to be connected and informing multiple dimensions simultaneously. It is not always possible to bring that learning directly into the physical world, as the language and constructs to support it are not readily available. It seems that you would like to try, so it may be worthwhile to continue here.

First, we have to tell you that not everything you learn is applicable to the physical dimension. It may help you travel the arc of your Soul Path, but in another energy manifestation. So do not be too concerned if it does not seem to fit. It fits somewhere. But possibly not where you can see it. At any rate, you may be able to feel it, especially if you are connected elsewhere. So let us try.

We will start by saying that nothing exists in Time. It only exists in the essence of Time. Time does in fact exist, but it is a mutable element. You know this well––ten minutes can sometimes seem like an hour and another time an hour can seem like ten minutes.

Time is fluid. It is just a reference point, like location. They are constantly moving and changing. Five-sense reality attempts to nail down time and space, to make them stable. This is what creates the physical reality where you exist. 

Then physical reality really is just a dream, an illusion.

It is, and it isn’t. Without the stability of the physical world, your body would not exist and you would not be able to do the important work, have the energy impact in the Universe, that is being asked of you.

This is related to the contract that you come into this world with. You come in with specific energy tasks, to manifest and move energy in a way that benefits the Everything. It is a struggle, because being in physical form has its own challenges and distractions. But it is all part of the process. The journey. The journey of your spirit walking the Earth. 

This is why it is difficult to do the teaching in waking dream, because then you are busy walking the Earth, and trying to fit this into that structure. It is bigger than that. Much bigger. So big that you cannot even imagine it. But you can feel it.

Do you want to continue.

Yes. I will try to let go of my expectations.

Good. Allowing is the space where this can happen. 

As we were saying, you come onto this plane with a group of energy directives. These directives have at their core the movement of energy. Everything in the Universe is connected energetically. When you, in physical form, move energy, then you are affecting the vibration of everything that you are connected to. 

I can see the Connecting Point, related to the connecting place that Carlos Castaneda described, just behind my upper back. It has innumerable strings of energy traveling through it. When I stretch, the entire web attached to me stretches also.

This is why it is so important to choose wisely when you take action. Action of any kind. These threads, connecting you and Everything, are conduits of information. Not unlike fiber optic cables, except that what is being transferred is millions of times more powerful and multi-faceted. The energy of this information is coming from vast numbers of other planes, including all of the connections made by your ancestors during their lives, and all of their ancestors, and on and on. 

This is where we add the element of Time, of mutable time, because all of these “times” do exist simultaneously, in you. You are the movement of energy created by the journeys of your ancestors. Not just your immediate blood relatives, of course, but all of the incarnations of all of the humans and all of the sentient beings and even more than that. This is the expanse of influence that is more than you will ever be able to comprehend. Suffice to say it is infinite. 

So here is this incredible treasure of information, available to you always. When you expand your awareness, your consciousness, it is possible to tap into any of it. Of course, it includes all of the “time” that has ever existed and will ever exist. This is beyond even infinity. You can come and go in these frames of reference. As long as you have a physical body, you will be somewhat limited in where you can travel. That is why it is so important to be in the dream state of sleeping—it allows you to travel and refresh with less of the physical dimension weighing you down. 

The Essence of Time is what is carrying the information in the threads. The essence of Time is created through movement. It is motion that brings anything to another location, whether that location is Time, Space, or anything else. (Yes, there is something else.)

This is directly related to the discussion of Point and Zone. “Things” in motion are the Points. The space between them is Zone. As you know, everything is made up of Points, every Point is both part of and made up of other Points. They are all joined by the space between them and this Zone is continuous. Everything is made of this Point-Zone relationship. And it is not the Point or the Zone that creates energy, but the relationship between them. The threads are streams of this relationship energy.

Of course you cannot possibly comprehend this using the primitive constructs of science. You can only comprehend this intuitively, using the energy senses of your body. Everything is energized by the essence of Time, by the energy of the relationship between Point and Zone. It is a vibration. A movement. It could be you. It could be us. It could be. It could just Be.