I have been observing a thread of ego-talk that is occurring in the background of my everyday life. That thread contains a constant stream of defensive shielding. It’s easy for me to see how it was produced during my childhood––I had to constantly be ready to protect myself. I have much to be proud and happy about now, in my adult life, but the underlying habit of not trusting the feeling of safety is always there. I am ready to reduce that drain on my energy resources.

I am very comfortable in the spacious connectedness of my spirit. It’s my ego, the part of me that is trying to survive in the denser 3D dimension, that feels unsteady. Maybe that’s just how the ego reacts to instability. What would a less reactive response look like?

The Women’s Collective:  It would be accepting that life is inherently dangerous, an experience in risk. It would be accepting that risk and also recognizing that life is inherently beautiful and amazing. It’s both. The difficulty comes with imbalance—only seeing the danger and not the beauty.

Forgoing the carrot in favor of the stick.

Something like that. You are ready to see the punishment. You have been taught that there is always a punishment angle to everything, even enjoyment. You can choose otherwise. Like everything, it is a practice, an effort with intention, to see the world this way.

This has become more difficult as the threats of humanity have increased in recent years. All the more reason to make the effort to counterbalance the negative with the positive. To make that choice. Purposefully.

Make the choice to be present with joy and Love. This is the lesson of these times.