I received beautiful information about clearing a path for those who are dying. (See previous blog). I decided that I would try to have a Last Talk with my dying father, not knowing if he would be alive the next time I saw him. I decided on the Four Statements format. This format uses four basic statements to help clear away old business and create a no-regrets goodbye. The statements are: I’m sorry, I forgive you, I love you, Goodbye.

I approached my father and initiated this conversation. He is a man, born in 1929. He is uncomfortable with deep emotional exchanges of almost any kind. Our Four Statements conversation lasted approximately three minutes.

While it was good for me to have made the four statements myself, I had to let go of the idea that this was anything we were going to connect over. It was my agenda, not his. I went back to Universal Wisdom’s last point: Your directive to clear the path to the Nest of the Dead is to help your father feel what he will be gaining by going there. 

When it was time for me to leave and travel the 500 miles back to my own home, we hugged. Previously I had only hugged him while he was seated. His legs are weak and he is unable to get up and down out of a chair or stand up very much. But he got up and we had a full body hug. I felt him in my arms, this once six-foot man, now so small and feeble. His body was barely there. But our spirits joined in a few moments of warmth and complete connection. In an accidental moment, I had touched on my directive to help him feel what it would be like to go to the spirit world.