Timely information from Traveling Light, p. 46-48:

Cosmic balancing means that energy is moving in multiple dimensions. This is not just an idea or a concept. It creates some disruption in what we are used to feeling physically. When we feel the changes of The Shift but do not understand them, remaining at the level of the ego, we react blindly. We become uncomfortable, irritable, defensive. 

Universal Wisdom: The Shift is a realignment, of sorts. Some other dimensions are clearing space and moving energy through. When your body is centered, you are really integrating all of the parts of it into a cohesive whole. Under those circumstances, the space you occupy is more open, less cluttered or chaotic. When the space is clear, there is a greater ability to accommodate changes in concurrent dimensions. 

Irritability is created by defensiveness. You feel energetic ruffles and move to protect yourself. You gather your energy into the point which is yourself. This condenses your own energy and obscures the common space. It makes it difficult for energy to move through, and the ruffles feel bigger and more disturbing. A negative cycle can be created: more tension, more disturbance, more tension. It takes a lot of energy to maintain this defended state.

Allowing disruption is required to provide the environment for creative thinking. Allowing disruption is also required to provide the environment for physical evolution. The New Wave is not just a change in thinking. It is necessarily a change in Being. The physical body is going to have to reorganize. It has to be able to accommodate greater and greater amounts of Space. You will not be able to tolerate that when you are resisting the physical change. That is why you feel irritable. Instead of keeping your body tuned up, you are reacting to the energy ripples with defensiveness. You need strong physical exercise every day. We have talked about this before. Exercise keeps your body tuned up to the higher vibration of the spirit. 

Your spirit is participating in The Shift on multiple planes. It has difficulty reintegrating into your physical body when the body is vibrating at a lower level, when it is sluggish from lack of movement or poor diet. It can also be disconnected by the frenzied energy of stress. Taking care of your body and your psyche are a spiritual responsibility. Not just a spiritual directive or a set of religious rituals––you want to choose this because it creates the environment for evolving into the next layer. It is time to do this. It is time to direct your life for this purpose. 

All of your choices need to be made towards spiritual resonance. And that includes the small choices that you make all day every day about what you put in your body, how you move your body, how you interact with other people, the direction your thoughts go. These are all examples of Ego in correct position, carrying out the choices that Spirit makes, for optimal survival and also for evolution. 

You will have to make choices about things that you did not see coming. It will be easiest when you have paid attention to the maintenance of your physical energy. Love yourself the way you want to be Loved. Remember that you are Life Force in motion, you are God in physical form. Celebrate your abilities by using them. Make sure you are celebrating Life. Open Up.