More from Traveling Light, p. 48-50:

Universal Wisdom: The Shift has occurred. It will be creating ripples. This is difficult for humans to process. Humans do not have the tools for integrating this. There is increased tension, increased irritability. Negative response. It is what it is. As you have seen, you cannot control the behavior of others. Sometimes you do not have the skills to control your own behavior. 

You have been comforted by pow-wow music and Native languages. This is because it brings you back to a more ancient vibration, one which connects with the Universe. The Shift in other dimensions has a vibration similar to this, they fit together harmoniously. This is The Shift that we have been asking humans to make. The Shift is movement into the world beyond the five senses. The ancient vibrations had this. It is time to be there again. 

The old ways connected humans with the cycles of Nature and the Universe. It is not that there weren’t distractions, but the distractions––hunger, weather, predation, illness––required a greater tuning in order to survive. The distractions today are somewhat enriching, but do little to aid direct survival––electronic gadgets, empty foods, mindless media. 

What has brought human culture into your current position was a mass movement, and what will get you out of this position, into a more harmonious position, will also be a mass movement. Many people have to make this change. You are currently feeling powerless in the face of the “Male Machine”, the masculine agenda towards profit and control. As long as you are small, you will feel powerless. It is time to accelerate your connections with others who are moving on this path. Do not lose sight of your goal to make new connections. Encourage others to be making connections. Keep talking about it.

There are many ways to be working right now. They are additive. Speaking and behaving in a Loving Way are the most important things you can do. Expanding the circle of people you interact with in this way increases that energy. Do not be afraid to talk about the movement needed. You will be surprised at how many people are already interested. This is who you want to interact with––those who are interested. You have been thinking that you need to somehow convince those who are confined in their security bubbles. What you really want to do is encourage those whose bubble is already flexible or expansive.

In everything you choose, ask yourself “is this moving me along my spiritual path?”