The Teachers have been talking to me since 2007 about The Shift––an upcoming change so big that nothing would ever be the same afterwards. So big that we won’t get to choose whether we participate in it or not, we will only get to choose how. Sound familiar? The Shift has come.

The Shift is discussed in my first book, Grandmother Dreams, Conversations Across the Veil, published in 2012. There is a whole chapter about it in the second book, Traveling Light, Moving Our Awareness Beyond the Five Senses, published late last year. Both books are available on the Buy page of this website.

Because it is so timely, I am going to begin sharing sections of the Traveling Light chapter now in an extensive series of blogs. Please invite others to subscribe, or share this information with them. This first installment is from pages 45-46:

Universal Wisdom: We have talked about a change coming. This is not news. Many people know this already, many people sense it. What they don’t know is what the change is. There is much discussion about the nature of the change. People assume there will be a physical calamity of some sort. That is already happening, and will continue, on the physical plane while the planet rebalances. These changes will, of course, require many adaptations. But this is not the monumental change that is on the way. Planetary rebalancing is a parallel, which is helping some to wake up to the other changes that will be necessary.  

The monumental change that we are discussing is a functional change. For the purpose of simplicity, we will call it The Shift. The Shift is a rebalancing also, but it is occurring in another plane, another “dimension” if you will. Dimensions are interconnected, so changes in one will ripple into others. Because it is happening where humans cannot “see” it, there will be confusion and irritability. Humans will feel The Shift but not be able to explain it in physical terms.  

The Shift is necessary for cosmic balancing, there is no choosing whether you will participate or not. It will occur. It is beginning already. People who are tuned in will be able to understand the changes. People who are tuned in are those who are Loving the Universe.  

Tuning in is required. This is a connection to what you call the spiritual world, God. It is not a religion or a religious dogma. It is not a follower-leader situation. It is about personal connection with the Love of the Universe, traveling in the Zone. It is not just about heart connection, it is about Heart Open with Support of Spirit. Mind is the tool, not the medium. So, you see, it is a deeper level than most of your culture now allows. People will have to drop expectations of themselves and others in order to reach these levels. There will be a time of great learning. 

The great teachers of this time will be women. It is the time of the pendulum swinging back. It will be important to hold up that which is valuable in the feminine without trampling that which is positive in the masculine*. Mistakes will be made.


*The terms “feminine” and “masculine” are not gender descriptions like “female” and “male”. They describe a collection of qualities, like Yin and Yang. They refer to essence.