Since we will never be perfect, we will always have opportunities to practice. I was given one yesterday.

About a week ago, a friend and I had planned an activity together. When I went to check in with her the day before we were going, I found that she had invited another person and set the time for something that didn’t work for me. I had not been included in those decisions. I couldn’t go. Really??

In my last blogs I’ve been exploring three voices: Ego, Spirit, and True Self. In response to the situation with my friend, here’s what they each had to say:

Spirit, looking at the broader picture: Your friend has made some mistakes. She did not intend to harm you. There has been a lack of communication here.

Ego, responding to the hurt of being excluded: You Bitch!

True Self, finding center: You’re free to go out in the woods by yourself today, and harvest some chaga for tea.

So, who am I going to listen to? What actions will follow that choice?
I made tea.