Connecting with the Universe means that I occupy interstitial space and also allow it to occupy me. I want to do this, of course, but there are so many details required to function in the human-designed world! If I let all of that in I end up drowning in distractions. The stream of stuff to attend to in the physical world is not going to go away. I can, however, shift my energy investment. I can reorganize my energy to allow for change.

A’riquea: You are used to being in charge, making things happen. It takes a lot of energy to be pushing against Time like that. It would be helpful to entertain a more fluid concept of Time. You consistently see yourself as working against deadlines. Some of those are real but many are self-imposed. This is an outgrowth of your learned independence. When you don’t believe you can rely on other people, that you can rely only on yourself, then you naturally believe that you are the only one who can make things happen.

While it is good to have passion and creative ideas and energy, and work to effect change in the world, it is not helpful to see yourself doing this in a bubble. Networking is, literally, web-making. So that when something is accomplished, it has the support of others to keep its energy in motion. You cannot do this all on your own. We have talked about this before. You have to be willing to trust, not specifically the people involved, but the process. The process that occurs in the making of a new energy pathway. 

Create an intention and let it move itself.

The process has energy outside of the realm of Time. It connects to other pathways that are not obvious to you. These other pathways need a chance to percolate, to integrate the energy of the new path into theirs. 

I am seeing the looping threads of energy from other teachings.

Yes, the looping threads of energy between points. The looping threads––of action, of thought, of intention. The looping threads cross one another and the current of energy travels through these crossings, all along the lengths of the loops, where they also cross and affect many other looping threads. This transfer of energy is nearly infinite, in many directions and in many realms over many time frames. There can be effects far away from the original cross-point, with energy traveling back again across the threads, communicating a similar vibration, a harmonic. Sometimes this may be instantaneous. But it would not be helpful to expect this.

So there is a patience required. Planting the seeds, and then watering and tending them, but trusting the plants to know how to grow and giving them the opportunity to do this. It is important to keep planting seeds. And to keep tending the plants. And to know when to harvest. These are processes that are working on a Universal level, and cannot be controlled by your agenda. 

Like this channeled writing.

Similar, in that you need to zero out your own agenda, and make use of your energy by being open to that which comes to you.

And I have been using a lot of energy trying to control it all. This is a mis-use of my resources.

It is a mis-direction of your resources. Look at what is draining you, look at what is frustrating you, and try to see how you could be working differently, how you could be letting go and letting the process work itself rather than trying to force it. There is a time for action. There is a time for patience. There is a time for ease. Learning how to apply each of these will help you use your resources more effectively. Above all, enjoy your life. If you are not enjoying your life, appreciating it and feeling enriched by what you do, then something is out of balance and it would be worthwhile to reposition your energy.