I built the studio home where I now live with my own two hands, about 15 years ago. I put wiring in the walls even though power was not available in my area. I thought that some day I might be able to afford solar panels. Recently, a neighbor paid tens of thousands of dollars to bring power to their house, and I was able to have a spur put in to mine.

Last summer, my house was electrified. I wired all of the outlets and fixtures myself. Due to financial problems, I could not afford all of the fixtures. The electrician told me that because I had “hot” wires (unattached to fixtures), he could not connect everything to the fuse box. For the last year, I have had power on only one side of my house. I have had a maze of extension cords running around the perimeter of the walls, from there to the other side, so I could turn on a light, use the printer, the CD player.

Last night I had a gathering at my house. I had to leave early and told people to just turn off the lights and close the door when they left. I came home much later in the dark of night to find the yard light on––the yard light that has not worked once in the last year, because it’s on the side of the house with no power. I was stunned. How could this have occurred??

I went in the house and tried the switch. On. Off. On. Off. It worked! I went around the house plugging things into outlets on the “dark” side of the house. They all worked. Unbelievable. I had never even tried them. Not once. For an entire year, I believed that the sockets did not work, just because someone told me they wouldn’t. I am still laughing out loud!! And, I feel like a dang fool.

How many other things in my life am I going along with just because it’s what I’ve been told? I’m not pretty, just because my mother told me that? I’m too intense, just because my ex told me that? Being a channeler makes me weird, just because other people don’t understand it? Wow. Such a simple thing as flipping a light switch has led me to see how I can improve whole areas of my life just by putting “juice” in them.