The following prayer is from John Two-Hawks’ CD Earth, Fire, Water and Wind:


Maka Wakan, sacred Earth, we have lost our way.

Once we knew you as Mother

now we wander in darkness, lost and empty

Help us to find our way back to you Grandmother.

You are the ground that feeds us, the soil that heals us,

the land that binds us together as one people.

Teach us once more to walk upon this earth in a sacred manner

and to find once again the sacred balance.


Heta Wakan, sacred fire, your ancient power lives within us all.

You are the giver of light, the source of warmth,

and the messenger of transformation.

Long ago we sat beside you as relatives,

we have forgotten who we are.

Help us to remember.  Show us the way back to your gentle flames

of respect, honor, and humility.


Yulee Wakan, sacred water,

you are the rivers that flow on this earth and in our veins,

the rain that pours down from Father Sky,

and the mighty oceans that swell with deep mysteries.

We cannot live without you.

Speak to us once more, that we may hear the voice of ancestral knowledge

and return to our place in the sacred circle.


Ta-ah-ta-eh Wakan, sacred wind,

you are like the Great Mystery, moving in all places, in all people, in all things.

You cannot be seen, yet we feel your presence and see you your power

in the dancing prairie grass and the flight of the eagle.

Whisper to our spirits, help us to find wisdom once again.

We are made of earth, fire, water, wind;

we share one Earth, one Sun, and one Moon.

Let us live together as one people.

Help us Great Mystery, to mend the sacred hoop,

to heal our brokenness, and to find once more

our place in the web of life.



[Thank you to my good friend Steve for sharing this!]