I have been asked many times about the use of the word ‘God’ in the Inspiring Deeper Connections book series. There are so many alternatives––why don’t I use one that is not so loaded with baggage?

The word ‘God’ does have many meanings. It is a word, a symbol. Words borrow history from linguistics and then create emotional attachments with their ongoing use. As a child, for example, we might have been taught that God is a bearded white guy sitting up in the clouds, separate from us. This entity is variously seen as an all-knowing observer, uplifting protector, puppeteer, and punisher. Because of these associations, I have been hesitant to promote it. My Teachers, however, prefer the word ’God’ and have asked me to use it. Free of religious context, it is a term that immediately connects our psyche to a deep spiritual reference. They use the word ‘God’ to describe a coming together of expansive energy:

A’riquea: As you know, God is not an entity or a personality––those are human constructs. God is energy. It is the energy of One Love, the movement of Life Force, the white light of Pure Radiance. It is beyond your capacity to comprehend in human form. Only when you are outside of human form can you truly join God. 

That does not mean that you cannot experience God while you are in human form. You can, and you must. That is your Purpose––to find God’ s Pure Love on Earth. To use your physical form to move God energy. Through yourself and others. These are the connecting points––to become capable of embodying this Love energy and moving it towards others. This energy movement is what is needed in the Universe.
(Traveling Light, p. 5)

Universal Wisdom: God is a force, a form of energy. God is all of the energies of living combined. Not just humans, but all living combined. And not just the present, but all lifetimes and layers combined. God is very powerful in this way. God is all of the knowing and also all of the unknowing, all of the action and all of the action not taken. It is why what you choose to think and feel and do is so important––it all adds into the whole which is God. It is constantly being formed…

The purpose of this work is to help people come back to the awareness of a world expanded beyond the physical dream. Not to discard the physical world, but to include it and move farther into other realms, across the veil. To develop the ability to cross the veil and come back, to share the wisdom gained and integrate it into the physical world––to impact the physical world with the wisdom gained from spiritual travel…When spiritual travel occurs, the energy that you travel with is God. The “place” that you travel is the Universe. They are all interwoven.
(Traveling Light, p. 2-3)

I hope that you are enjoying our books and also practicing the wisdom that they contain. It is important to not only make your spiritual path, but to wear it smooth with use.