One of my blog-followers asked a specific question, and I would like to address that. She asked about the difference between a vision and a premonition. It seems to me that this depends on perspective. A vision is a story given, a view which helps us integrate a larger concept into our lives. I think of premonition as a kind of intuition. It’s rather specific, and it may not come true because it involves the future, which is malleable by the myriad of choices possible between the premonition and the event––the input of multiple people and events in the interim.

This also made me think of deja vu, which is the perspective of looking back. I know I have been in this scene before, because I have a memory of dreaming it. The feeling of deja vu, the shiver of recognition, is partly the realization that I am traveling my correct path, since the past vision and the present are lining up. There are plenty of other past visions, however, that I either don’t remember or that don’t line up with the present.

It’s all about view. Who can say more about this? I see the Library Man. He is looking directly at me, face to face.

The Library Man: This is a very interesting question. I would want to know why someone is asking this, because that would affect the way that I would answer. We do not have this piece of information. So I will continue in a general way.
As you know, the past, present, and future, as well as other dimensions unrelated to Time, are all present in the same space. There is no real separation except in the linear minds of human beings. Time is continuous.

So what is being asked is how can I know which time frame I am in in any given moment. You are correct that it is a matter of view, of perspective. But that implies that you have some control over the time frame you occupy. Most people do not have this control. It would be an extraordinary level of development to be able to shift at will. It requires much practice. Yes, you are thinking of Carlos Castaneda, and he did describe events such as this.

But the average person is much invested in the here and now, the place where existence seems to be the most concrete. So these small ventures into other time frames appear to be subnormal. But they are worthwhile in terms of education. Because there you have a window into what it would be like to time travel. Humans are capable of this, which is also why these small events are possible in your consciousness.

[I have almost interrupted many times here with questions, and he patiently continues to point to the keyboard––keep typing.] Yes, you are both curious about these events and also wanting to know more about this travel. But I am going to answer this question, and you are to keep your nose out of it.

So. These events are small openings into dimensions of other Time. When you feel or understand something intuitively, you are being fully in the Present. You are connecting with the energy filaments that are passing through you and providing information. You are picking up that information. The more you listen to this and act on it, the better you will get at listening to and acting on these energies. The more you ignore them the more they fall into the background. It’s about where you place your attention.

These other windows are also about where you place your attention. It is possible to follow these energy filaments and discern where they are traveling. Where they have come from, where they are going. In the case of premonition, you have picked up where they are going in the nearby future. It is also possible to discern the longer-term future, but this is another skill. Yes, this is what “fortune-tellers” may be doing.

When you are able to reach back and see where the energy has come from, then you are entering the realm of deja vu. It feels predictive because you are making an energy connection between the past and the present. You often feel that you are connecting to events that were shown to you in dreams, often in sleeping dreams. And this would be true. Because while your body and mind are “sleeping”, your spirit is traveling in other realms. That is its purpose. But it is still somewhat connected to you by your physical body, and you have the ability to process some of what the spirit is experiencing, so it will appear to you as a Dream. It is good to be aware that your spirit is traveling and moving energy. This is the importance of the sleep state, and people who are short-changing this part of their lives are diminishing the benefits of spirit being connected to other realms.

Yes, well we have traveled over many ideas here. Suffice to say that there are many more layers to this. It is good to be paying attention, to where your energy is resting and where your energy is traveling, what intersections you are experiencing. It is also reasonable to invite this kind of awareness, because it can help you to understand the multi-dimensionality of the Universe, something that humans are in need of accepting. It is always about understanding the larger context of your existence. Not just understanding, but living a life that takes this into account. Things become petty and ego-centric without it.

We are done. Move this along and let us see where we go then.
His arms are folded across his chest, and he is looking away.