Apologies while I have been away for a few weeks, but I have exciting news! A friend was gone for a month, and I had the good fortune to stay in her home and create a writing retreat. During that time, I finished my third book! This is a great milestone on the path to near-future publishing.

The next step is to have a group of people read through the manuscript. I have several volunteers, but am looking for a few more––I’m hoping that some of you will be interested.

Starting sometime in November, I will be sending out chapters for review. I’m looking for people who will read critically, watching for flow and readability, and finding mistakes in grammar and punctuation. No need to catch every single thing, since we will be working as a group. Depending on geography and health, we will meet either in person or by zoom, maybe once a month? The group will decide this.

My goal is to publish The Next World, Our Expanding Consciousness by summer 2023. I will be submitting a grant proposal in December 2022 to help pay for cover development, professional editing, and printing. The grant funding starts in April, so I would like to our pre-editing group to finish up by then. That adds up to approximately one chapter a month between November and April.

This is a great opportunity to meet like-minded folks and enter into discussion about spiritual topics. You’ll get a first-ever sneak peek preview, a chance to have input in the book, and everyone who participates will get free books once they’re printed!

Interested? Email me:  connect@jennifershoals.com