“The creator is the lake and we are waves on the lake.”           ~Louise Erdrich

We think we are such big stuff. We think that what we do all day is our world. But we are just a wave on the lake. We may be big or small, due to the wind at the time we are born, but we will not be around for very long. We will go back into the lake very soon.

Waves are made of water. The lake is made of water. The lake has waves, but it is not made of just waves. It is also made of wind and air bubbles, bottom sand and mud, plants and fish and other creatures, some too small for us to even see. The lake has a very long history. It is related to glaciers and rivers and streams, related to the land. It is related to rain and clouds, related to the sky. We are all of these things, too, but right now we are just waves.

Hello, wave 🙂