With great excitement (and a little fear), I am launching my new website today!

The fear has to do with “coming out”—bringing myself out into the broader world and being exposed to the judgments of other people. I have had some experience with this already, on a small scale. Some of my longtime friends think I am crazy, certifiably nuts because I “hear voices”. I have been accused of developing this skill “just” because I am a sexual abuse survivor, just because I went through a traumatic divorce, just because I’ve had cancer. It’s hard to have those judgements pointed at me, as if I am somehow damaged goods and am using my channeling abilities as a woeful crutch.

That is a limited view, an expression of the inability to suspend fixation on the physical world. We need to be willing to tolerate discomfort, to let go of our imagined temporal security, in order to move out into a more inclusive Universe. It’s not easy. We are acculturated to see the world only in physical terms. Expanding beyond the five senses requires that we change our patterns—cognitive and emotional and psychic patterns. We have to reorganize our energy.

Trauma can be a catalyst for this kind of shift. The very definition of trauma describes a major shock to our way of being. It is often so severe that we can not go back to the way we were before the trauma. And therein lies the opportunity. We have a choice. We can either try to go back to our old life, carrying the trauma along, or we can use the trauma as a giant mixing bowl to create a new life. Trauma can make patterns easier to change. It’s not a requirement, but it is sometimes harder to make these changes without it.

I was transformed by a positive process when I wrote Grandmother Dreams. I learned how to expand into other dimensions, connected with many spiritual teachers, and received an amazing depth of information beyond my own intelligence. As I have “come out” as a spiritual traveler, I have encountered people who are not ready for this information. But I have also met many fellow travelers, in both predictable and unlikely places.

People are searching for meaning beyond the consumer lifestyle and traditional religious structures. A spiritual revolution is occurring. I am excited to be living in this time, to be moving out into that underground current and taking the next step in human evolution.

I know you’re out there too, and I look forward to connecting with you. Life is a great adventure!