How do we know how to value ourselves? What is too much, and what is not enough?

Too much leads to entitlement. That is when someone believes that worth is based on gender, skin color, education, or some other outward status. They believe that they deserve special treatment based on these characteristics, and others do not. This requires us to negatively judge others. It’s a kind of ego inflation.

On the other hand, someone else might believe that they are not worthy enough. The term “imposter syndrome”, for example, describes a pattern of doubting your skills, talents, or accomplishments––basically feeling like a “fraud”––even in the face of evidence to the contrary. This is still ego behavior, but it involves negatively judging yourself.

We all practice both of these at different times. Somewhere on that spectrum, between too much and not enough, there is a middle ground. And it has nothing to do with comparison of status or characteristics.

Universal Wisdom:  You matter because you exist.
Existing is not just a state of suspension in the physical world. Existing is a manifestation of the energy of the Universe, in a specific form. 

We need to see ourselves as the embodiment of God-energy. When I honor the me that is a creation of the Universe, I am honoring the Goddess-energy that is in me and also in every body and every thing. It is a continuous field.

The purpose of this form is to effect as much positive energy as you can, through this state. There are many ways to do this. The essence is the same, the expression varies.

Being centered in Spirit takes ego out of the picture. Then I see the energy of the Universe at work. I can choose to move that energy by taking actions that help others to see this energy in themselves. I can validate their existence by saying, “I see your spirit.”

I recently read the biography of a young Black woman, and throughout her brief story she listed the many ways that the people around her helped her to feel worthy. No doubt she also had other factors pulling her the opposite direction, notably racism and sexism. But she had many people actively promoting her sense of self-worth and encouraging her to embody that worth in the world.

Let’s all give each other these kinds of gifts.